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Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering to support Vested Interest in K9s, Inc.. The success of our fundraising and public awareness would not be possible without you! Please complete this secure online application form which is used to give us an idea of what area your assistance would be most valuable. Upon completion of this application page, you will be taken (via the "NEXT" button) to a background authorization form so we may obtain permission to process a basic background check on you. This background check is provided through our partnership with SafeScreener.com and is necessary for the protection of our volunteers, our donors, and the K9's we are here to protect. Please note: You will be asked to provide personal identifying numbers (PIN's) such as Date of Birth and Social Security Number. PIN data is absolutely necessary to perform an accurate background check as it is used to verify identity and determine criminal record matches. PIN data is truncated upon entry and therefore not viewable by Vested Interest in K9's or any third party. There is NO COST TO YOU for this background check and all information is SECURED and NEVER SHARED. If you have questions regarding PIN data or any part of the background screening process, please feel free to contact SafeScreeener.com with questions at 888.578.8600 or contact@safescreener.com. Thank you, we appreciate your cooperation for this important cause!

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Please Note: In regards to the phone number fields, use the same number twice if you do not have both a home phone and mobile phone.